The Work

In his lifetime, Herb Block created more than 18,000 cartoons, chronicling the nation’s political history, as well as such major events as the stock market crash of 1929 through the advent of the new millennium and beyond. No other American artist or commentator did more to educate and inform the public through his work than Herb Block.
The Pre-primary Vote
Tell me again how the quotas on Japanese cars have protected us
Alternative world agreement to save the ozone layer
Could you hurry and find a cure for cancer?
It's still a representative form of the government
It's called separation of powers -- we separate you from your powers
Still grasping in his hand of ice
Continuation of a march
The other ascent into the unknown
Washington DC, June, 1963
You don't understand, boy--You're supposed to just shuffle along
I'm eight. I was born on the day of the supreme court decision
Cuba Si, Yanqui Nyet! --Oops
Fill 'er up--I'm in a race
Albert Einstein lived here
I have here in my hand...
School bell
Sermon on the mount
You mean I'm supposed to stand on that?
Pull over to the curb
Breaking up the jam along the Potomac
Last words
Somebody from the outside must have influenced them